This Saturday Night begins, with me alone. Wine bottle in hand, halfway under the hot water of my tub. Half bent knees with my feet dancing around the faucet, candle light flickering and blues playing. Moody. The music brings me back, the bottle pressed upon my lips, my eyes staring into the walls of the […]

Sunrise Doors.

We awake to create. It’s the first breath thats a sign of being alive. Just me in the mirror, Exposed. It’s the scar below my eyebrow that i’ve grown to love. It tells a story, very few know. I have green eyes that no one seems to write about, Blue and Brown are all they […]


Woman. Her, she, lady, girl- a female. Either assigned by birth or identifies. It’s just something about that passion behind those eyes. Strong, brave, ambitious, and educated. In the 1960’s the start of becoming liberated. Here we are, past the start. Shaking gender roles, We’re showing up at the poles. Her voice is powerful, breaking […]