Doing Life with You.

Let’s start by saying the obvious- I’m not her and you aren’t him. We aren’t each others first- but I pray we are each other’s last. I’m going to let you in to my guarded heart, and you’ve already allowed me to become apart of your soul. Neither of us no longer in our teens […]

It would take a Lifetime

I was asked today a simple question- Why did I pick you? But the answer couldn’t be that simple. I didn’t pick you but rather our souls knew they were home together. Did you complete me? Absolutely not.  I’m a whole & you’re a whole.  But our souls danced together without a missed step. Our […]

The light of the night

Her, entrapped in the tower. Him, out at sea. The light was her burning love- the sail to pull him in. Waves building while night was falling, Her heart was his home. Long mermaid hair and emerald eyes, longing to have his body to hold. The first glimpse of his ship, she aborts the tower. […]

Smog Bar

Smoke filled room, I was walking out the door.  His voice carried through the smog. “Stop! You- don’t go.” My head turned over my shoulder.  “Me?” I mouthed.  Standing on the stage,  Light over his face, His head nodded yes.  I walked toward his band, My heart became the drum.  “Um, I noticed you dancing.” […]