It would take a Lifetime

I was asked today a simple question- Why did I pick you? But the answer couldn’t be that simple. I didn’t pick you but rather our souls knew they were home together. Did you complete me? Absolutely not.  I’m a whole & you’re a whole.  But our souls danced together without a missed step. Our […]

The Day It All Changed.

I think the hardest part, is I never met you. But I’ve read all about you, And I’ve heard millions of stories about your corky laugh. They speak so highly of your courageous, gentle, and brave spirit. They tell me how they were only 10 when you passed away, That you left one day and […]


I wish I could dive into someone’s mind. Where would they take me? All the stories of their life playing inside. If I could hear their thoughts- I would be able to feel their soul. Know things, no one else knows. I would be able to dive, and find the forgotten treasures buried in the […]