The sunrising is myself taking my first morning breath.
A deep inhale and slow exhale,
I watch it move from the east to the west.
It moves so slowly throughout the day,
but in the final moment of the sunset-
you can’t even bat an eye.
Darkness falls quicker than expected.
The stars gleam across the night sky,
and it’s where I become the most open.
Telling all my hopes,
my desires,
& every little feeling.
Slowly closing my eyes to drift into my dreams.
Another sunrise not promised,
for my soul may slip into the heavens,
without a regret of anything.

—Sarah Zetty

Published by oldsoulrae

I'm a twenty something who is starting to share my writing pieces. If I'm not working you can find me at a local coffee shop, venturing around my city, taking weekend road trips, or grabbing a local beer and visiting with friends. I would love to get your feed back so be sure to comment, like, or email me at

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