Tile floors and coffee bitter,

This whole world is seeming to wither.

Bare bones we won’t expose.

Darkness we want to hide.

Water tainted in our mitten,

Politicians lining their pockets with this crisis.

It’s a shame we can’t just unite.

Another article will be released,

the whole world still acts surprised.

Money and greed seem to be the first to win.

But they will drowned in their ways,

for money can’t buy-


–Sarah Zetty @oldsoulrae

Published by oldsoulrae

I'm a twenty something who is starting to share my writing pieces. If I'm not working you can find me at a local coffee shop, venturing around my city, taking weekend road trips, or grabbing a local beer and visiting with friends. I would love to get your feed back so be sure to comment, like, or email me at contact@oldsoulrae.com.

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