Smoke filled room,

I was walking out the door. 

His voice carried through the smog.

“Stop! You- don’t go.”

My head turned over my shoulder. 

“Me?” I mouthed. 

Standing on the stage, 

Light over his face,

His head nodded yes. 

I walked toward his band,

My heart became the drum. 

“Um, I noticed you dancing.”

His words he sung. 

Shy smile across my face, he reached for my hand. 

He pulled me in and we slowly become the only two in the bar. 

This is where our story begun. 

–Sarah Zetty

Published by oldsoulrae

I'm a twenty something who is starting to share my writing pieces. If I'm not working you can find me at a local coffee shop, venturing around my city, taking weekend road trips, or grabbing a local beer and visiting with friends. I would love to get your feed back so be sure to comment, like, or email me at

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