This Saturday Night begins,
with me alone.
Wine bottle in hand,
halfway under the hot water of my tub.
Half bent knees with my feet dancing around the faucet,
candle light flickering and blues playing.
The music brings me back,
the bottle pressed upon my lips,
my eyes staring into the walls of the tub.
This is my self care.
Diving deep into my soul-
remembering and envisioning.
Facing the stuff that scares me, pushes me, and makes me
completely and utterly vulnerable.
This is where my closure comes
and my curiosity for the future begins.
This Saturday night,
I relived all my memories with each one of their souls,
So it never was really alone.

-Sarah Zetty

Published by oldsoulrae

I'm a twenty something who is starting to share my writing pieces. If I'm not working you can find me at a local coffee shop, venturing around my city, taking weekend road trips, or grabbing a local beer and visiting with friends. I would love to get your feed back so be sure to comment, like, or email me at

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