We recently had a speaker at my church & he said something that really spoke volumes. He was talking about the presence you bring when you step into a room- Are you a peacemaker who brings security or a peacetaker who creates chaos?

Reflecting on that question, it brings about self awareness & reflection. Being raised in a dysfunctional family (both sides) you learn that dysfunction thrives on chaos. And when the chaos has moments of quietness, its only time before the next thing happens or you literally become bored of peace.

That sounds crazy right? Bored of peace?! It’s true. It’s true because you have to teach yourself if you’ve grown up in dysfunction how to function with security, calmness, and normalcy.

Now, I have learned to love and accept my loved ones in a way that thrives off being a security for them. An ear to listen, a silent car ride, and a paid compliment in their victories. That has brought my self to be my own peacemaker.

So I ask, what’s your room your walking into? Maybe it’s that step into your boss’s office about that promotion, that long hospital hallway to announce the birth of your child, or even your bed that you can’t seem to get out of because your depression is in full swing.

I promise you- we all will have moments of strength and moments of weakness in this area.


Are we their peacemaker or peacetaker?

Are we our own peacemaker or peacetaker?

The beauty is- we have the opportunity to grow & choose to be that peacemaker.

I’m challenging myself to ask who am I before I walk into any scenario.

Be the calm & not the storm.

Until next time,

Sarah Z.

Published by oldsoulrae

I'm a twenty something who is starting to share my writing pieces. If I'm not working you can find me at a local coffee shop, venturing around my city, taking weekend road trips, or grabbing a local beer and visiting with friends. I would love to get your feed back so be sure to comment, like, or email me at contact@oldsoulrae.com.

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