Doing Life with You.

Let’s start by saying the obvious-

I’m not her and you aren’t him.

We aren’t each others first- but I pray we are each other’s last.

I’m going to let you in to my guarded heart,

and you’ve already allowed me to become apart of your soul.

Neither of us no longer in our teens but now into the later part of our twenties, seems like each passing year we find more about our own stories.

He cheated on me- repeatedly.

I even prayed to be able to catch him so I could walk away.

Finding her earing on my bedside was the final trigger,

& I’ve never looked back to this day.

This moment in life I can say I’m sure about what I want.

I want to say, “I do” in the courthouse,

just us two.

I dream of the mornings waking with our babies between us-

Friday nights having our son’s football games & early Saturday dance practice for our youngest daughter.

Emergency vet visits at 2am for our new puppy that’s keeping us awake and our date nights when we can finally get away.

I wouldn’t want this new chapter in life with anyone but you-

And becoming your partner in life means more to me than being our firsts.

Sugar tits and honey nuts- I love doing life with you.

–Sarah Zetty @oldsoulrae

An Endless Run.

Most of the time, the sun does not shine.

I forever have these marathons in my mind.

It’s the subtle tune that keeps me pushing through.

I want so badly to have the runners cross that finish line,

mark that task of my list.

To inhale, catch my breath.

My sweat drenched shirt,

hair tangled and slicked back.

Running and gasping.

Hands on my knees,

I’m starting to bust at the seams.

I keep pushing through,

only a little longer.

I won’t have grasped the joy others had when they were done with their race.

My marathons are my high functioning anxiety taking over this place.

Why don’t my marathons have a finish line?

–Sarah Zetty @oldsoulrae

My Souls Partner.

It was the way his hands brushed against mine,

His husky voice put my body in a trance,

And I had only tunnel vision when it came to us.

My mind would replay these moments while I watch him asleep.

It was at this point in life where I knew,

I didn’t want to spend another awaken dawn without him.

He had become my souls partner,

We fell together and we grew together.

I was his breath when he had no oxygen to give and he was my heartbeat when I went into arrest.

He was my neutralizer when I grew emotionally inclined and I his backbone when he could no longer cope.

The two of us, compliments to each other.

I, his gypsy soul.

Him, my home.

–Sarah Zetty @oldsoulrae

It would take a Lifetime

I was asked today a simple question-

Why did I pick you?

But the answer couldn’t be that simple.

I didn’t pick you but rather our souls knew they were home together.

Did you complete me?

Absolutely not. 

I’m a whole & you’re a whole. 

But our souls danced together without a missed step.

Our breaths synced in moments of passion and heat.

The words we exchanged were a novel waiting to be told.

And at night when we both thought each other was asleep, we whispered our future vows to one another.

I chose you because our differences were what gave us fire.

Your dragon breath over morning coffee kisses were what I lived for and my overtime at work didn’t even phase you.

I saw something in you that I had never seen before in anyone.

So the simple answer could be that you were my soul mate and that’s why-

But my dear, it would take me a whole lifetime to give you the full answer.

—Sarah Zetty @oldsoulrae

The Day It All Changed.

I think the hardest part,

is I never met you.

But I’ve read all about you,

And I’ve heard millions of stories about your corky laugh.

They speak so highly of your courageous, gentle, and brave spirit.

They tell me how they were only 10 when you passed away,

That you left one day and never returned.

How mom cried herself to sleep for years after,

Or how dad couldn’t believe she wasn’t coming home.

Your siblings missed those crazy family holidays that you were always the life of the party at.

That day, 9/11- was the day you never returned home.

That day, you signed up for the war.

That day, you all become our heroes.

And to this day- some still don’t make it home.

–Sarah Zetty @oldsoulrae

** In tribute to all who have sacrificed their life on 9/11 and through our Military**

Take Warning

These waves are all new to me,
So I said hello- like I should do.
I see the surface of the waves and the potential they have to take over me,
But beneath the surface holds the truth.
Am I going in over my head?
Will my feet be swept underneath me?
I want to believe the waves will carry me up on the shoreline.
And while during the tide, the waves will come and go-
I know of their return.
I know the waves will have emotions of stillness, calmness,
excitement, & anger.
But those waves are what I’m most eager to learn about.
I want to know the stories of the ocean,
past and present.
I crave the longing of the romantic gestures of the moonlight against the waters surface.
Of the cotton candy skies before night-
I want this to be a story that keeps on telling.
So Sailor- take warning.

—Sarah Zetty @oldsoulrae

You-Awake me

I want to tell you something, may I?

I want you to know that your soul is something within this earth.

Every emotion you feel causes a tidal wave on the shorelines, an earthquake felt throughout states, the lions to roar, a flood within cities & a change of four seasons.

Your soul is grounding-

& It awakes my whole being.

–Sarah Zetty @oldsoulrae

Photograph of Two

If you were to open up my jewelry box,

You’d find I don’t have jewels of value.

Toe rings, a couple cross necklaces, and a simple pair of earrings.

What lays on top,

inside my box,

are two, small, worn, black, and white photographs-

One of Mama & one of Dad.

A photo of both of them during their childhood,

a photo of each I treasure.

My jewelry box doesn’t hold jewels for one to adore

But it has a simple pair of photographs,

of my parents.

& If you were to open my jewelry box,

you would see,

I’m the richest girl alive with those two souls next to me.
—Sarah Zetty @oldsoulrae

Two Thousand 9.

There are specific dates that serve as anniversaries,
Some years, I count down to them.
Others I notice halfway through the day randomly writing the date.
Its the anniversaries of us.
The day we noticed each other,
our first “I love you.”,
and our last goodbye.
I close my eyes and remember what you were wearing,
the taste of your lips,
the sadness in your brown eyes.
Those dates are forever etched in my heart.
And I’ll cherish them all spent with you,
till death do us part.
–Sarah Zetty @oldsoulrae