Take Warning

These waves are all new to me,
So I said hello- like I should do.
I see the surface of the waves and the potential they have to take over me,
But beneath the surface holds the truth.
Am I going in over my head?
Will my feet be swept underneath me?
I want to believe the waves will carry me up on the shoreline.
And while during the tide, the waves will come and go-
I know of their return.
I know the waves will have emotions of stillness, calmness,
excitement, & anger.
But those waves are what I’m most eager to learn about.
I want to know the stories of the ocean,
past and present.
I crave the longing of the romantic gestures of the moonlight against the waters surface.
Of the cotton candy skies before night-
I want this to be a story that keeps on telling.
So Sailor- take warning.

—Sarah Zetty

You-Awake me

I want to tell you something, may I?

I want you to know that your soul is something within this earth.

Every emotion you feel causes a tidal wave on the shorelines, an earthquake felt throughout states, the lions to roar, a flood within cities & a change of four seasons.

Your soul is grounding-

& It awakes my whole being.

–Sarah Zetty

Photograph of Two

If you were to open up my jewelry box,

You’d find I don’t have jewels of value.

Toe rings, a couple cross necklaces, and a simple pair of earrings.

What lays on top,

inside my box,

are two, small, worn, black, and white photographs-

One of Mama & one of Dad.

A photo of both of them during their childhood,

a photo of each I treasure.

My jewelry box doesn’t hold jewels for one to adore

But it has a simple pair of photographs,

of my parents.

& If you were to open my jewelry box,

you would see,

I’m the richest girl alive with those two souls next to me.
—Sarah Zetty

Two Thousand 9.

There are specific dates that serve as anniversaries,
Some years, I count down to them.
Others I notice halfway through the day randomly writing the date.
Its the anniversaries of us.
The day we noticed each other,
our first “I love you.”,
and our last goodbye.
I close my eyes and remember what you were wearing,
the taste of your lips,
the sadness in your brown eyes.
Those dates are forever etched in my heart.
And I’ll cherish them all spent with you,
till death do us part.
–Sarah Zetty


I wish I could dive into someone’s mind.
Where would they take me?
All the stories of their life playing inside.
If I could hear their thoughts-
I would be able to feel their soul.
Know things, no one else knows.
I would be able to dive,
and find the forgotten treasures buried in the depths.
I’m sure it would leave me breathless.
—Sarah Zetty


My body is becoming anxious.
I tremble all throughout,
I want to lash out.
But i can’t.
I can’t because it won’t sound how I mean.
It will come across coarse, angered, & even threatening.
But I mean it in a loving way,
even a caring way.
I feel compassion
but it only sounds like bashing.
The tears aren’t because i’m sad
but because i can’t make you understand.
My mouth was going to stay silent
but inside my head it couldn’t stay.
Why are you crying?
Don’t cry, please.
Why are you saying all this stuff to me?
Is it because your trying to make me understand what’s in your head?
At this moment- we don’t see eye to eye,
this is tearing us apart.
Apart is a distance I don’t want to be with you.
Come near, put your head right here.
On my chest,
right on my heart.
—Sarah Zetty

Without A Regret

The sunrising is myself taking my first morning breath.
A deep inhale and slow exhale,
I watch it move from the east to the west.
It moves so slowly throughout the day,
but in the final moment of the sunset-
you can’t even bat an eye.
Darkness falls quicker than expected.
The stars gleam across the night sky,
and it’s where I become the most open.
Telling all my hopes,
my desires,
& every little feeling.
Slowly closing my eyes to drift into my dreams.
Another sunrise not promised,
for my soul may slip into the heavens,
without a regret of anything.

—Sarah Zetty

The light of the night

Her, entrapped in the tower.

Him, out at sea.

The light was her burning love-

the sail to pull him in.

Waves building while night was falling,

Her heart was his home.

Long mermaid hair and emerald eyes,

longing to have his body to hold.

The first glimpse of his ship,

she aborts the tower.

He comes ashore.

Flesh to flesh,

syncing their breaths.

Her light brought him in,

his heart was home.

–Sarah Zetty